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We help bring your projects to life.

Second Block LLC offers design, illustration, identity, and infographic services. We specialize in creating beautiful pieces that enhance your project.  

WE ARE CREATIVE. We draw on nearly 20 years of experience in a wide variety of sectors. Our clients range from large, multibillion dollar companies to (very!) small businesses. We’ve worked with people and companies to create just about anything you can dream up… Logo and collateral for your new brand? No problem. How about window graphics? You got it. Stadium graphics (in a major NFL stadium)? We’ve done that, too.

WE ARE EASY TO WORK WITH. You will always know what to expect and when to expect it from us. We pride ourselves on concise communication and pleasant interaction. We often hear things like “exceeds expectations”, “dependable!”, and “you’re my favorite”.

WE ARE AFFORDABLE. We are a small but mighty design shop - our clients access our vast experience without paying for the overhead costs associated with large scale agencies. Our size also means we’re often agile enough to complete your project within a short timeline. We run a tight ship here so you can stretch your design budget; that way, we can create something really amazing together.

In the past we have created:
Ads, invitations, wall/window graphics, sale sheets, data sheets, identities and matching branded collateral, postcards, annual reports, books and magazines, infographics, vehicle wraps (including a zamboni), brochures, look books, catalogs, editorial and creative illustrations, navigation icons, digital stadium graphics, signage...




Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



What we do



Brochures, reports, magazines - printed pieces give a business, mission, or concept legitimacy. We specialize in document design, and can bring your pieces to life - that’s flyers, signage, postcards and mailers, business cards, window/wall graphics, tradeshow booths, vehicle wraps… If you can dream it, we can help you get it into production so your vision shines.



Illustration is a great way to drive home concepts that are complex or ethereal. It’s also a way to pull together a number of pieces and make them truly unique to you and your business. Our style is simple, colorful, and easy-to-understand. Allow your idea to really speak for you with some of our custom illustration.

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Logo / Identity

What is a brand? It’s more than your logo. Your brand is the sum of a customer’s experience with your business - yes, the logo, but it’s also the supporting print collateral, the website, the packaging, the customer service… Begin your brand journey with us and we’ll build your branding from the group up. Already have a logo? No problem: we can create a style guide using an already established logo that will inform your business’s various touch points.



You’ve got data and you need it in a graphic form that’s easy to read. We can finesse those charts into a visual that helps make those numbers approachable, meaningful, and, when appropriate, personal. Illustration and photography help drive the concept home. Let’s bring that spreadsheet to life.


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