Second Block Studio
Design & Illustration


Passion. Speed. Communication.


Second Block Studio is an design/illustration studio based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We draw on over 17 years of experience with a wide selection of clients in a variety of sizes, and are always looking to collaborate on new and exciting projects.

Rachel Arnold Sager began her career in design and print production and eventually blossomed into an Art Director at a full-scale advertising agency. In 2013, she brought her eye for detail, commitment to quality, and proclivity for clear communication to Second Block Studio... she's been keeping clients happy ever since. 

Josh Sager has been a creative director, an educator, and a developer. He has kept Second Block Studio humming since its founding in 2010. 


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We know that finding the right designer for your project can be a challenge. That’s why we offer free consultations to discuss your needs, determine the scope of your project, and your budget.

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